5 amazing reasons to visit Szentendre in Hungary

In this article, you will find 5 reasons to visit Szentendre in Hungary!

Many people come to Hungary because of Budapest. Often tourists do not go outside the splendid Hungarian capital. And it is a pity as Hungary has many magnificent places to visit. Today I’d like to talk about Szentendre – one of the charming gems of the country. It is just 30-minutes suburban train ride from Budapest and it is one of the most interesting and authentic destinations in the country

Getting to Szentendre from Budapest

You can easily get to Szentendre using the HÉV suburban train

The train goes from Batthyány tér in Budapest


Travel planner for Budapest public transport and suburban trains can be found HERE

You should have an ordinary Budapest public transport ticket (350 HUF (1,12 EUR)) + suburban railway extension ticket (310 HUF (1 EUR)) 

Both tickets can be bought from the ticket vending machines

Let’s start with the reasons to visit Szentendre! 

1. Charming architecture

(Reasons to visit Szentendre)

reasons to visit szentendre

If you’re looking for narrow streets, beautiful river views and red rooftop panoramas, Szentendre is definitely a place for you! Set picturesquely next to the Danube river, having colourful and multicultural history, Szentendre is an open architecture book ready to be explored

2. Many beautiful churches of different confessions

(Reasons to visit Szentendre)

reasons to visit szentendre

In the end of 18th century, the Serb population formed a majority in the city. Although these times are long gone, it is extremely interesting to observe the cityscape of modern Szentendre dotted by Orthodox and Catholic churches standing together

3. City of artists and crafts

(Reasons to visit Szentendre)

reasons to visit szentendre

Walking through the city centre of this charming town feels like taking part in some big art fair. It is a home to many galleries and museums. Many houses in the central part are the art residences. Szentendre is known as one of the meccas of Hungarian art scene with many painters living and creating here

4. Relaxing day trip from Budapest

(Reasons to visit Szentendre)

reasons to visit szentendre

If you want calm walks along the riverside or a peaceful cup of coffee in a cosy Old Town, Szentendre could be a perfect place to cater your needs. Being so easily reached from Budapest, it offers a calm refuge from the intense city life of the Hungarian capital

5. Perfect place for souvenir shopping

(Reasons to visit Szentendre)

reasons to visit szentendre

If you’re one of those people who collects souvenirs from every country you visit, check out Szentendre! It is a paradise for souvenir lovers. Here you’ll find all the authentic Hungarian crafts from paprika to magnets, from traditional clothes to exquisite ceramics. Combine it with the 4 aforementioned reasons and you have a perfect daybreak!

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