One day in Warsaw, Poland: a sightseeing guide

In this article, you will find a sightseeing guide to spending one day in Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw is big, impressive and exciting. It is a great Central European destination and a vibrant megapolis. Having difficult and tragic history, being almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, Warsaw is one of the world’s best-known examples of a revived city. A city that was able to stand from the ashes. This fact makes visiting Warsaw a one-of-a-kind experience.


(one day in Warsaw)

one day in warsaw
Warsaw Mermaid – one of the symbols of the Polish capital

Head to the Old Town of Warsaw to kick off your day. It is not as big as in Krakow or Wroclaw, nevertheless, it is extremely interesting. Also, it is a different kind of an Old Town – a “New” Old Town that was restored to its glory by the meticulous work of the renovators

one day in warsaw

Start your day visiting the Royal Palace

one day in warsaw
Splendid Royal Palace

Visit the official website for the info:

Wander around the Old Town stopping at the colourful Market Square and walk to the Barbican

one day in Warsaw
Houses on the Market Square of Warsaw

Also, you can explore the interiors of the renovated churches

After pleasant historic walk go to the Wisla river embankment to enjoy the river views and the panorama of grandiose National Stadium

For a coffee break:

For a lunch:

  • Stara Kamienica – mid-range restaurant serving nice Polish cuisine (Widok 8)
  • Bambino milk bar – budget canteen-style eatery with local dishes (Hoża 19)
  • Restauracja Gosciniec – one of the best pierogi (traditional Polish filled dumplings) in town at a reasonable price (Podwale 19)
  • BeKeF – one of the best falafels in Warsaw (Hoża 40)
  • Trattoria Da Antonio – nice family Italian restaurant (Żurawia 18)


(one day in Warsaw)

one day in Warsaw
Impressive skyline of Warsaw

Warsaw is a very big city in terms of size which makes it a bit difficult to see many things in one day. But I’ll try to give you great itinerary choices. If you have time, these choices can be combined

One of the symbols of Warsaw is a mighty tall building of Palace Culture and Sciences. It is one of the so-called “Stalin skyscrapers” and a “gift” to Poland from the Soviet regime. It is also one of those love-it-or-hate-it sights. Opinions apart, it is definitely an attraction worth seeing

one day in warsaw
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

For the awesome views of the Warsaw downtown and surrounding area you can take a lift to the viewing terrace of the Palace

Check out the price and opening hours of the viewing terrace

If you still have time to explore further than a city centre, you can go to:

  • Łazienki Park

one day in Warsaw

– the largest park in Warsaw boasting a palace, long walking routes and proving a refuge from the vibrant big city life. A great place to spend time outdoors in Warsaw!

  • Wilanow Palace

one day in warsaw

– one of Poland’s most important historic monuments, this palace survived all the destruction of the Second World War and is a beautiful reminder of Polish royal history. You can visit the interiors of palace as well as charming gardens

If you’re interested in exploring the history of Warsaw you should check out the fantastic museums:

  • Warsaw Rising Museum

– all the info about visiting can be found HERE

  • Museum of the History of Polish Jews

– all the info about visiting can be found HERE

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  1. Warsaw is such an amazing city, probably one of my favorite European destination. It is very often underrated though. I really love all the beautiful architecture and amazing spots. M favorite aspect of it are all the fantastic bars and restaurant, which this city is full of! My personal favorite culinary spot to visit is the Akademia restaurant. It is a place with delicious combinations of Polish and European flavors. It is perfect for family dinner, romantic date or meeting with a friend. I just love going there ?

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