One day in Przemysl, Poland: a sightseeing guide

In this article, you will find a sightseeing guide to spending one day in Przemysl, Poland!

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(one day in Przemysl)

The best way to get to Przemysl is taking a train. The city enjoys the direct train connection with Rzeszow and Krakow as well as Ukrainian Lviv and Kyiv. The direct connection being the modern IC trains

To check the schedules and book tickets for Polish trains go to the official website of Polish Railways

To buy a train ticket from Rzeszow to Przemysl check the website of regional trains

First great thing you see when arriving in Przemysl is the Railway Station itself

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Przemysl Glowny Railway Station got its palace-like looks in 1895 when it was rebuilt in a Neo-Baroque style. It was a major station for the Galician Railway of Archduke Charles Louis – a railway system in the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia connecting Krakow and Lviv

Walk around the Railway Station for some beautiful details of the preserved elegant decor

Przemysl is a relatively small city so it is perfect for exploration on foot

From the Railway Station head to the Old Town. Along the way admire the beautiful 17th-century Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua

one day in przemysl

Head to the heart of the city – the Market Square

one day in przemysl
Colorful houses of the Market Square of Przemysl

Here you can find some really nice buildings dating back to 16-th, 17-th centuries. Market Square of Przemysl is compact and picturesque offering the classic Polish Market Square esthetics

For one of the most interesting museums of the city go to the Underground Tourist Route

one day in przemysl

History of Przemysl underground passages is quite similar to the underground passages under the Market Squares of Krakow and Rzeszow. They were used by the merchants of Przemysl to store the goods as well as they served as some kind of the underground connection of different houses on the Market Square

More information about visiting Przemysl Underground Tourist Route can be found HERE

On the Market Square you can also find the statue composition devoted to the Good Soldier Švejk (iconic literary character created by Czech novelist Jaroslav Hašek)

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If you are interested in Švejk-themed events, check the website of the Association of the Friends of Good Soldier Švejk that works in Przemysl

Przemysl has some unique things to offer. For example, you can visit the Museum of Pipes and Bells – the only museum of such kind in whole Poland. It is set in an 18th century Clock Tower

A statue of the pipe

For more information about the Museum of Pipes and Bells check their website

Another place you can visit in the vicinity of the Market Square is the National Museum of Przemysl telling the history of the city and the region. More information about the museum HERE

It’s time to have a coffee break!

Good places to have a good coffee in Przemysl include:

For a great bakery check Manufaktura Domowa Piekarnia & Spiżarnia


(one day in Przemysl)

It is time for the most beautiful sights of Przemysl!

Take the steps from the Market Square uphill to see the spectacular Przemysl Cathedral

one day in przemysl

one day in przemysl
Magnificent interior of Przemysl Cathedral

With Gothic and Baroque architectural elements, Przemysl Cathedral is one of the symbols of the city

You can also go to the top of the belfry for great city panoramas

Your next fascinating stop is the Renaissance Przemysl Castle

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Interesting fact: Przemysl Castle houses the oldest amateur theatre group in Europe called “Fredreum” found in 1869

From the Castle Hill, you can enjoy beautiful city view

one day in przemysl
View of Przemysl Cathedral from the Castle Hill

Now go down the road to find yourself on the street surrounded by beautiful churches

one day in przemysl

First of all, visit the superb late-Renaissance Carmelite Church

one day in przemysl

Then be amazed by the exterior and interior of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist

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Finally, pay a visit to a superb Franciscan monastery

one day in przemysl

one day in przemysl
Amazing interior of the Franciscan monastery

After delightful walks and new explorations, it is time to have a meal

Great places to eat in Przemysl include:

Further afield

(one day in Przemysl)

If you have more time in Przemysl, you’re a history lover or you’re interested in First World War you just can’t miss the Przemysl Fortress – an extensive series of fortifications that saw some of the most fierce battles of First World War

To discover more about the history of Przemysl Fortress you can visit the Museum of Przemyśl Fortress

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