June 2017

hotel seven days prague
Czech Republic, Hotels

Boutique Hotel Seven Days Prague (Hotel Chronicles)

Name of the Hotel: Boutique Hotel Seven Days Website: https://www.hotelsevendays.cz Address: Žitná 46/572, Prague 2 Welcome to the third edition of the Hotel Chronicles series! This time I am partnering with an amazing Boutique Hotel Seven Days in Prague, Czech Republic Hotel Chronicles – is a project about my stay in hotels. I will share with you my […]

kyiv viewpoints

8 best Kyiv viewpoints with amazing panoramas (in PICTURES)

In this article, you will find information on where to find the best Kyiv viewpoints. Kyiv has it all to be a city with great views: a river, a hilly setting and beautiful surroundings. The views Ukrainian capital offers are nice during all seasons of the year, during the night and during the day. Let

churches of vienna

7 amazing churches of Vienna (in PICTURES)

In this article, you will find the information about 7 amazing churches of Vienna Not many cities in the world can beat Vienna in the architecture game. Its churches reflect the best architectural ideas of the past and shine in their Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Secession splendor. You can spend days admiring the beautiful details, staring

one day in warsaw
Poland Travel Guide

9 great things to see in Warsaw, Poland

In this article, you will find information on 9 great things to see in Warsaw! The capital of Poland is a great destination in the Central Europe. It has its own unique vibe that distinguishes Warsaw from Krakow and Wroclaw (another Polish tourism hotspots). It is a young and vibrant city that remembers its history

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