7 amazing churches of Vienna (in PICTURES)

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Not many cities in the world can beat Vienna in the architecture game. Its churches reflect the best architectural ideas of the past and shine in their Gothic, Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Secession splendor. You can spend days admiring the beautiful details, staring at the magnificent painted ceilings and gazing at the statue masterpieces.

Let me share with you 7 amazing churches of Vienna!

1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

one day in Vienna
St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Style: Romanesque. Gothic

Where: Stephansplatz 3

2. St. Peter’s Church

one day in Vienna
Superb Baroque St. Peter’s Church in the Old Town of Vienna

Style: Baroque

Where: Petersplatz, 1

3. Karlskirche

one day in Vienna

Style: Baroque

Where: Kreuzherrengasse 1

4. Dominican Church

churches of vienna

Style: Baroque

Where: Postgasse 4

5. Jesuit Church

churches of vienna

Style: Baroque

Where: Doktor-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 1

6. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

churches of vienna

Style: Byzantine Revival

Where: Fleischmarkt 13

7. St. Rupert’s Church

churches of vienna

Style: Romanesque

Where: Ruprechtsplatz 1

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