5 amazing reasons to visit Pula, Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country full of natural and cultural wonders. One of such marvelous places is the Istrian peninsula and its largest city – Pula. It has everything to be a tourist hotspot – superb architecture, interesting sights and amazing beaches.

Let me share with you 5 amazing reasons to visit Pula!

1. Impressive Arena

(reasons to visit Pula)

A one-of-kind sight and a highlight of Croatia, Pula’s gigantic Roman Amphitheater (named Pula Arena) cannot leave you indifferent. One of the biggest arenas ever built by the Romans, Pula Arena proudly stands in the middle of the old city overlooking the glaring Adriatic sea. Feel the breathe of history by stepping inside the ancient walls and discovering its long story at the museum.

For more information about visiting the Arena go HERE

2. Roman architecture

Pula is a perfect destination for all the Roman architecture aficionados, offering a plenty of ancient structures to explore. Start at the 1st century imposing Arch of Sergii, continue with the Gate of Hercules and finally find yourself admiring the stunning Temple of Augustus – one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world.

Find out more about visiting the Temple of Augustus HERE

3. Old Town

(reasons to visit Pula)

Pula has a colorful history of being under the Venetian, Napoleonic and Austrian rule. That couldn’t leave its mark on the cityscape creating a unique architectural mix where classicist building neighboring Venetian merchant houses neighboring Roman walls. Take a relaxing walk admiring fascinating details of diverse buildings.

4. The beaches

Pula is a great leisure destination with kilometers of the finest and cleanest beaches on the Adriatic coast. One of the best beach destinations is Verudela. Another great beaches include Gortanova Uvala, Lungomare and Stoja. What you should know about Croatian beaches is that they are mostly pebble and surrounded by comforting pine forest.

For a list of available beaches in Pula go HERE

5. Perfect base to explore Istria

(reasons to visit Pula)

Pula is a great starting point to discover the many wonders of Istrian peninsula. You can start with visiting magnificent Brijuni Islands nearby and then go on a city hunt with Rovinj, Poreč, Novigrad and Labin being the highlights.

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2 thoughts on “5 amazing reasons to visit Pula, Croatia”

  1. Wow. As an Ancient History student, I loved this post. I never knew that Pula had so much of antiquity to offer. When I visited Split last year, I loved exploring Diocletian’s Palace and the ancient tunnels underneath.

    I’ve given you a follow as I also write a travel blog; there you’ll even find a post that I wrote on Diocletian’s Palace. Cheers for a great post.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback and for the follow! Really appreciate it! Also, a great post about Split, enjoyed reading it!

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