5 great reasons to visit Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is a wonderful pearl of the Adriatic coast. Falling in love with this small seaside Croatian town is an extremely easy thing to do. UNESCO-protected Rovinj is a charming city that has a lot of interesting things to offer. Also, it is comfortably situated in the middle of the Istrian coastline making it a perfect spot for further exploration of the peninsula.

Let me share 5 amazing reasons to visit Rovinj in Croatia!

1. Picturesque Old Town

(reasons to visit Rovinj)

reasons to visit rovinj

A dream image for any postcard, a recollection of perfect shots for the photographer, Old Town of Rovinj is magnificent. Perched cosily on an island overlooking the ivory Adriatic sea, this marvelous historic settlement is an inspiring and romantic Croatian must-see.

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2. Church of St. Euphemia

reasons to visit rovinj

Imposingly rising above the red roofs of the Old Town is the St. Euphemia Basilica, one of the most beautiful churches in Croatia. Be sure to go to the top of the Bell Tower of the Church of St. Euphemia (built with an uncanny resemblance to San Marco Bell Tower in Venice). Once you’re there, your breath will definitely be taken by the views! Whether it is the panorama of the countless red roofs of the Old Town, a splendid view of the Adriatic sea or the vista of the surrounding islands, the scenery is utterly amazing!

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3. Culture

(reasons to visit Rovinj)

reasons to visit rovinj

Rovinj is one of the culture hotspots of Istria with numerous galleries and museums open for curious visitors. Explore the story of the iconic UNESCO-protected wooden boat batana originating in Rovinj at Batana House Eco Museum, dive into the world of art at the Native Museum set in the Baroque palace and go gallery hopping visiting many galleries of this picturesque city that inspired generations of artists.

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4. The seaside

reasons to visit rovinj

The beaches of Rovinj are one of the cleanest and well-maintained in the whole Istria. Enjoy the shade of the pines at the Lone Bay, try jumping off the cliffs at the Baluota beach right in the centre of Rovinj or go for more luxurious Mulini beach – the city offers unlimited sea-enjoying opportunities.

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5. Grandiose Lim Fjord

(reasons to visit Rovinj)

reasons to visit rovinj

Serving once a border of two Roman provinces Italia and Dalmatia, Lim canal is a splendid natural sight. Nicknamed “Lim fjord” for its natural resemblance to the mighty Scandinavian fjords, it is a great day trip from Rovinj offering spectacular panoramas.  Take a boat trip to have the best views of the channel.

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