9 amazing things to see in Pula, Croatia

Apart from being a top-notch holiday destination with miles of pristine beaches and plenty of seaside fun, Pula is also an extremely interesting city to explore. Rich Roman heritage, Austro-Hungarian architecture and many interesting places to visit make Pula a great destination in Croatia.

Let me share with you 9 amazing things to see in Pula, Croatia

1. Pula Arena

things to see in pula

Why: not every city has a colossal Roman arena standing right in the centre. Pula has. And you are more than welcomed to get inside the ancient structure to experience the past-time Roman grandeur. Pula Arena is a must among the things to see in Pula!

Information about visiting Pula Arena can be found HERE

2. Temple of Augustus

things to see in pula

Why: it is one of the most ancient landmarks of Croatia and a perfect example of Roman architecture. Its old walls witnessed centuries of history. You can get inside and visit the Museum of Roman sculpture.

Information about visiting the Temple of Augustus can be found HERE

3. Communal Palace

(things to see in Pula)

things to see in pula

Why: situated on the elegant Forum Square, incorporating Roman, Renaissance and Baroque elements in its architecture, the Communal Palace is a perfect illustration of Pula’s turbulent history and a highlight of the Old Town.

Find out more about the history of the Communal Palace HERE

4. Arch of Sergii

things to see in pula

Why: standing in the middle of a busy square leading to the Old Town, this Roman triumphal arch is a splendid sight you just cannot miss while in Pula.

5. Roman Floor Mosaic “The Punishment of Dirce”

(things to see in Pula)

things to see in pula

Why: one of those hidden places that gives you an instant “wow” once found, this Roman mosaic is an exceptional sight. It depicts the mythological scene of the punishment of Dirce who is tied to the enraged bull.

Exact location of the mosaic is HERE 

6. Church and Monastery of St. Francis

things to see in pula

Why: a spectacular example of the religious architecture, the Franciscan church of Pula is dating back to 1314 and boasts an amazing Romanesque façade, impressive Gothic interior and cosy courtyard that evokes the monastery courtyards of the Southern Spain.

7. Venetian Fortress

things to see in pula

Why: enjoying a mighty setting on the hill, Pula Castle (as it is often called) built in the 17th century is a great sight to visit. Firstly, for the magnificent views of the sea, the city and the Arena. Secondly, for the interesting Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria.

Information about visiting Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria can be found HERE

8. Aquarium Pula

(things to see in Pula)

things to see in pula

Why: set in an 1886 Austro-Hungarian fort Verudela, the Aquarium of Pula is one of the biggest and most interesting places of its kind in Croatia. It exhibits mostly Adriatic sea life and is a great spot to visit while in the city.

Information about Aquarium Pula can be found HERE

9. Pula Cathedral

things to see in pula

Why: its history goes way back to the Roman times when the place was used for worship. The Cathedral constantly changed throughout the centuries incorporating different architectural styles, was heavily damaged in WW2 and fully restored afterwards.

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