5 great reasons to visit Omiš, Croatia

In a place where Cetina River gloriously meets the Adriatic sea, lies a small Croatian city of Omiš. It has all the features to be one of the most epic destinations in Croatia: the views, the sea and the mountains. With a rich pirate history and picturesque Old Town, Omiš is one of the most interesting cities in the Central Dalmatia.

Let me share with you 5 great reasons to visit Omiš!

1. Cetina River Gorge

(reasons to visit Omiš)

reasons to visit Omiš

You can endlessly observe the mighty beauty of this natural wonder. High rocks of Cetina River canyon are a spectacular sight and Omiš lies at a very picturesque position to make the most of it. Also, the gorge and surrounding landscapes are a perfect setting for the outdoor activities.

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2. Glorious pirate history

reasons to visit Omiš

We can all agree that being a “pirate city” brings an additional charm to a town. During the 12th and 13th century, Omiš was a city of pirates who ruled the surrounding waters taking the payment from the passing ships. You can experience the adventurous atmosphere of the past times climbing the ancient Mirabela fortress that used to be a pirate lookout.

3. Splendid views

(reasons to visit Omiš)

reasons to visit Omiš

Whether it is the Cetina River bridge, the top of the Mirabela fortress or the heights of Fortica fortress, the views won’t make you indifferent. Surrounded by top-notch nature, Omiš is a beautiful spot for the awe-inspiring panoramas.

4. Picturesque Old Town

reasons to visit Omiš

It may not be as big as in Dubrovnik or as sights-packed as in neighboring Split, nevertheless the Old Town of Omiš has its charm. It is a pleasure to stroll through narrow streets and stop to enjoy coffee on cozy piazzas overlooking the surrounding nature.

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5. The Riviera

(reasons to visit Omiš)

reasons to visit Omiš

The beach is never too far in Omiš. In facts it is always just a street or two away. You can endlessly enjoy the stretch of a turquoise Adriatic coast of the Omiš Riviera that consists of small villages and perfect beaches.

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