TOP 5 great cheap eats in Wroclaw, Poland

Sometimes you just don’t want to spend much on food and get a high-quality meal. You’re lucky, Wroclaw is a city where you can find great places in all the price categories.

Here’s the list of TOP 5 cheap eats in Wroclaw, Poland to help you with the search! 

1. Bar Miś

cheap eats in wroclaw

Address: Kuźnicza 48


Why: an absolute legend among the Wroclaw cheap eats, Bar Miś firmly holds the title of the oldest and the best cheap eat in Wroclaw! Here you can experience the real Polish Bar Mleczny (milk bar) – with queues, ridiculously cheap prices, traditional meals and delicious simple tastes

Price: lunch with soup and main will cost you 10-14 PLN, breakfast – 6-8 PLN

2. U Gruzina

cheap eats in wroclaw

Address: Nożownicza 1


Why: with a simple menu featuring such Georgian hits as Khachapuri, Kubdari and Lobiani, U Gruzina is a small place to discover the affordable and tasty Georgian cuisine right in the heart of the Old Town

Price: Khachapuris starting at 12 PLN.  Check out their menu HERE and HERE

3. Zupa

cheap eats in wroclaw

Address: Szewska 24/26


Why: these guys are taking the soup preparation to the next level. Stylish, modern and delicious, Zupa in the city centre is a place to be for those who can’t live without their tasty soups!

Price: check out their MENU

4. Happy Little Truck

cheap eats in wroclaw

Address: Kazimierza Wielkiego 39


Why: Wroclaw is an amazing city. One of the best pizzas in town is served at the… food truck. But what a taste and what an affordable price! Definitely one of the best cheap eats in Wroclaw!

Price: you can sample their menu HERE

5. Panda Ramen

cheap eats in wroclaw

Address: Białoskórnicza 17/18/1


Why: one of the best ramen places in the city offering delicious meals of the Asian cuisine

Price: check out their MENU

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