8 amazing things to see in Lublin, Poland

Situated at the crossroads where the West meets the East, Lublin may seem like an ordinary mid-town Polish city. However, if you look closer and explore more you will discover that this city is a place to rival the top Polish destinations as Krakow or Warsaw in the richness of history and fascinating sights.

Here are the 8 amazing things to see in Lublin

1. Lublin Castle

Website: http://www.muzeumlubelskie.pl/

Why: one of the symbols of the city, the current building has a superb Neo-Gothic architecture and pretty looks. It stands in a place of a former castle that didn’t survive the turbulent years and was destroyed by fire.

2. The Trinity Chapel

Why: the magnificent Trinity Chapel is what makes Lublin a unique destination to explore. Basically, it is a medieval Catholic church with elaborate Orthodox frescoes inside. Such a fusion of cultures is very rare and truly spectacular.

3. The Keep

Why: for the best views of the Old Town of Lublin go to the top of the Keep, the medieval tower of the Lublin Castle. Inside you find a rich exposition presenting the sad history of Lublin Castle being a prison for different state powers.

4. Po Farze Square

Why: definitely the most picturesque place in the city, the square is named “Po Farze” (“after Fara”, “Fara” is a Polish word for the being the parish church) because of the ruins of the ancient cathedral in the middle. Here is where charming character of the Old Town gets its momentum. You can admire the scenic colorful houses as well as the best view of the Lublin Castle.

5. Market Square

Why: with the sgraffitos on the old houses, beautiful ornaments and pretty views of the neighboring city gates, the Market Square of Lublin is one of the most beautiful ones in Poland. Walk around the Polish Tribunal and descend into the old cellars forming the two-hundred meters underground route under the Old Town of Lublin.

6. Archcathedral

Why: blending the Baroque, Renaissance and Classical architecture, this church is a gem of the city that impresses with elaborate interior and grandiose looks. Be sure to see the acoustic sacristy and the underground section with tombs of notable city officials.

7. Trinitarian Tower

Why: for the magnificent view of the city head to the top of the Neo-Gothic Trinitarian Tower. Inside you also find the interesting Archdiocese Museum of Religious Art.

8. Krakow Gate

Why: another amazing symbol of the city, Krakow Gate is one of the oldest buildings in Lublin and surely one of the most picturesque ones. Built in the 14th century, it was a part of the city walls that encircled the old Lublin to protect the town from frequent invaders.

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