5 amazing reasons to visit Zadar, Croatia

With scoring 9th place in the annual Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2019, Zadar gets into the spotlight of interesting Croatian destinations. And righteously so as this seaside town is one of the most fascinating places to visit in this sights-packed Mediterranean country. Impressing with ancient history, swinging with upbeat nightlife, treating visitors to fantastic cuisine, Zadar is ready to welcome you and to give you the best travel experience.

I had a pleasure to visit Zadar twice during 2018 and those two times were truly magical. That’s why I am so eager to share my love for this city with you in these 5 amazing reasons to visit Zadar, Croatia.

1. Church of St. Donatus

reasons to visit Zadar

Instantly recognizable from numerous postcards, tourist pics and historical chronicles, Church of St. Donatus is a true architectural gem of Croatia. With its impressive pre-Romanesque looks evoking ancient times and the intriguing treasury that contains Dalmatian metalworks, this building is a must while in Zadar.

Top tip: be sure to climb the bell tower of the nearby St. Anastasia’s Cathedral for the unparalleled views of the Zadar’s Old Town

2. Zadar sunsets

reasons to visit Zadar

Once the great Alfred Hitchcock proclaimed that the sunsets in Zadar were the most beautiful ones in the world. While I’m sure it’s impossible to qualify the sunset as the best or worst as it’s a matter of taste, one thing stays clear, Zadar sunsets are impressive. Especially when there are clouds and wind above the sea. Go to the central pier and be awe-inspired by the fantastic game of colours created by the sea, the sun and the wind.

Top tip: one of the best places to capture the city sunsets would be the famous sea organ which is basically an… organ that plays notes when the waves hit the waterfront. Mesmerizing experience indeed.

3. Rich history

reasons to visit Zadar

With Roman ruins, the Venetian city walls, Austrian architecture and modern monuments, architecture is blended in a beautiful and uncanny way in this city. Here you can feel like a true explorer adventuring through different times and different rulers. Be sure to drink coffee at the charming Narodni trg, take a relaxing walk next to the grandiose city fortifications and pay a visit to the Archeological museum.

Top tip: after a day of walking around the beautiful Old Town give yourself a pleasure of relaxing with a superb sea view at Cafe Eva.

4. Fantastic gastronomic offer

reasons to visit Zadar

When you’re going into the city in the evening you’ll be greeted by all kinds of alluring scents. Instantly you find yourself in one of the culinary hotspots of Croatia. Truffle oil scent in the air and top-notch restaurants at your service, that’s what Zadar is. Here you find masterly prepared seafood like risotto with black squid ink risotto, a variety of locally caught fishes as well as traditional meat dishes like pašticada, a traditional stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce. Zadar is definitely a paradise for foodies.

5. Plenty of outdoor opportunities

reasons to visit Zadar

Sometimes you want to go on an adventure. Zadar region is a perfect place for this. Numerous picture-perfect island, emerald Zrmanja River with a breathtaking canyons, endless hiking opportunities in the surrounding Velebit mountain range. Zadar is a gateway to the thrilling world of Croatian outdoors. Also, it is considered to be one of the best in the country in that regard.

Top tip: proudly proving the superb activity-oriented heart of the city, Zadar Outdoor Festival is a must-visit event for all the lovers of the outdoor fun. Taking part on 10-12 May, this annual gathering is an amazing way to get into active sports. There will be 3 big competitions: sailing regatta, swimming marathon and kayak race as well as running, cycling and trekking activities organized. All surrounded by the magnificent looks of the city and the nearby nature.

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reasons to visit Zadar

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