Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos: photos, videos and essentials

When I prepared a trip to Naxos I was baffled by the number of the beaches it had. Agios Georgios was one of the highlights. All forums, websites and Greece-themed resources were talking about how good the beaches of Naxos are but provided little of the practical information like whether there is a toilet on the beach or if there’s where to change.

As for the pics, truly informative pictures were quite hard to find, the majority of the visual material didn’t give me the whole idea of how the beaches really look like. That’s why I’ve decided to give you a closer look at the Naxos beaches. And I’m starting from one of the most popular ones, Agios Georgios beach in Naxos.

Where is Agios Georgios beach located in Naxos?

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

Agios Georgios beach is what’s called a city beach of Chora or Naxos Town.

Distance from the Naxos Port to Agios Georgios beach is 1 km or 13 minutes. It is really close to everything.

The walk from the port to the beach is quite relaxing and completely safe at night.

What Agios Georgios beach is like?

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

It is predominantly sandy beach with a sandy pebble in the wilder parts.

As it’s sandy it feels really nice at your feet. I really enjoyed long walks along the beach having my feet washed by the waves of the Aegean sea.

Basically, there are two parts of Agios Georgios:

  • a “civilized” one with beach tavernas and bars that are offering sunbeds and umbrellas
  • a “wild” part with sand dunes, pebbles and some large stones upon entering the sea
Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

The price of renting a sunbed at Agios Georgios starts from 6 EUR a day. However, you can also just come with a towel.

The “civilized” part of the beach is very clean. The wilder parts can have lots of seaweed on the sand and pebbles.

Facilities at Agios Georgios beach?

Shower: YES

Toilet: YES

Changing rooms: NO but you can use the toilet

There are three toilet booths at Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos
Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

How’s the water at Agios Georgios beach?

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

Short answer: the sea here is amazing!

All 6 days that I’ve spent in Naxos, the water at this beach was warm and very pleasant to swim in.

As it’s open to the wind and there are many big ships coming from the side of the opposite island of Paros, the waves can get pretty big here. That was a pure joy to ride them, to be honest, one of my brightest memories from Naxos.

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

If you’re looking for family-friendly beach, no need to worry about the waves. The beach is very shallow at the beginning and you have to walk a bit to reach the deeper parts. That makes Agios Georgios a perfect place both for the avid swimmers and families with kids.

What’s awesome about Agios Georgios beach?

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

I’m not the biggest beach aficionado, I prefer walking and active leisure over laying down on the sand. But Agios Georgios has some great Carribean vibes and magnificent views over the surroundings.

At the end of the beach, you can enjoy the spectacular sea view of Naxos town and it gets truly magical on a windy day when the waves roll into the sandy shores of the island.

As for the downsides, this is a very big beach and if you’re into a quieter, more private beach experience, Agios Georgios may be too large for you. Also, there is a secondary road passing right next to the “civilized” part of the beach, so it also brings some “busyness” to the overall beach atmosphere. But apart from that, Agios Georgios is an amazing beach and one of the highlights of Naxos.

Agios Georgios Beach in Naxos

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