One Day In Gdansk, Poland: What To Do

Let’s be clear from the very beginning, one day in Gdansk is clearly not enough. But it’s often that while traveling one day is what you only have. That’s when this essential guide will come in handy.

Gdansk is a city with a rich and difficult history, wonderful views, gingerbread houses, great cuisine, and many other fascinating things.

Let’s dive into the best things to do and places to eat and drink when you have only one day in Gdansk!

What to see

Dlugi Targ Square

Why: a heart of the Old Town and arguably the most picturesque square in Poland. It transports you right into the past with rows of colorful burgher houses that have the appearance of a setting for some fairytale movie.

Also, it is the best place to start your exploration of the Old Town. Don’t forget to take a picture/make a picture with the iconic Neptun statue gracing the center of the square.

Town Hall

Why: what can be a better introduction to the city than learning about its history? You can do that at the Museum of Gdansk set right in the Town Hall on Dlugi Targ square.

Also, its tower is one of the best viewpoints in the city that gives you access to breathtaking vistas of basically the entirety of the Old Town and a possibility to take that shot of the colorful houses of the Dlugi Targ square.

The Crane

Why: probably the most recognizable sight in Gdansk, the Crane or Zuraw is a medieval mechanism for transferring cargo and lifting weights that at the golden age of the city was the biggest wooden crane in the world. No Gdansk panorama is full without this medieval giant.

To learn more about its history as well as to introduce yourself to the times of the Hanseatic league in Gdansk visit the museum located inside of the crane.

St. Mary’s Church

Why: a cathedral of gigantic proportions, one of the biggest brick churches in the world, St. Mary’s Church is a sight to behold and one of the symbols of Gdansk.

Walk inside to be awe-inspired by the gargantuan interior that was restored after the building suffered substantial damage in WW2. Be sure to climb the tower of the church for another magnificent viewpoint giving you a vista of Gdansk’s Old Town.

Museum of the Second World War

Why: if you’d like to have a unique and interactive modern museum experience, head to the newly built Museum of the Second World War. With a striking contemporary design of the building and a fantastic selection of exhibitions covering the hard fate of the city during the war years, this institution is a must-visit not only in Gdansk but also in the country.

Museum of Amber and the Prison Tower

Why: the amber and the Baltic Sea go like synonyms to each other. Gdansk especially was long known as the capital of the European amber trade. This orange stone was one of the main wealth bringers of the medieval Gdansk.

To learn all about the amber trade in the city head to the Museum of Amber. Even if you’re not that into amber still go there as you will have access to the third-best viewpoint in Gdansk – the Prison Tower.

Where to eat and drink

one day in gdansk

For breakfast

Chleb i Wino

Why: truly a Gdansk breakfast royalty, Bread and Wine (that’s the translation of the name from Polish) would be a good pick if you’re looking to have an elegant, delicious, and generous morning meal feeling the awaking of the Old Town. They have 3 options to choose from they cook very, very well. Also, Chleb i Wino would be equally good for lunch and dinner.

For Coffee


Why: stylish industrial design, location in the Old Town, fantastic coffee taste, and great desserts, what else do you really need for a good coffee shop in Gdansk? Visit Drukarnia to have a great coffee time.

For Lunch

Pierogarnia Mandu

Why: pierogi is the trademark dish of the Polish cuisine. These amazing filled dumplings are a must-try while in Gdansk. The pierogi leader in the town is Pirogarnia Mandu. They serve you the freshest, the tastiest and the most diverse proposition of filled dumplings. Great pick for lunch.

For Dinner


Why: Gdansk is all about the sea and the seafood. For one of the best fish restaurants in town visit Zafishowani located right next to the river offering amazing views. While you’re there be sure to check the trademark marinated herring.

For a night out

Cafe Lamus and Pulapka

Why: not one but two places for this category. The reason for that is because they basically stand opposite to each other creating a mini-hipster neighborhood on the edge of the Old Town of Gdansk.

Cafe Lamus is about the 70s vibe with a quirky design and a good selection of alcohol to brighten up your evening. Pulapka on another hand specializes in beer but all kinds of good times beverages. In tandem, those two places create an awesome plan for your night out.

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