colorful houses of Gdańsk
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Colorful houses of Gdańsk, Poland (Gallery)

When it comes to the picturesque architecture, Gdańsk is one of the leaders in Poland. Neverending rows of colorful houses make you feel like you have ended up in a fairy tale. Here’s how I saw the beautiful architecture of this magnificent Polish town. Check out other articles from A-Z Gdańsk Guide series: Things to Do: 5

where to eat in Gdańsk
Poland Travel Guide

Where to eat in Gdańsk: pierogi, pizza, burgers and more

With its cosmopolitan history of being a free city-state, its welcoming attitude towards other cultures and its dynamic port, Gdańsk is one of the Polish food scene hotspots. In this article, you will find a collection of great places that can cater your wildest food needs. So let’s jump straight to where to eat in Gdańsk!

reasons to visit gdansk
Poland Travel Guide

5 awesome reasons to visit Gdańsk, Poland

If you’re looking for a great destination in Poland – choose Gdańsk! It is a city of turbulent history and a unique mix of cultures and nationalities. It is a place where the World War II started and also the place of city rebirth after nearly total destruction. Apart from that, Gdańsk is one of

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