Where to eat in Gdańsk: pierogi, pizza, burgers and more

With its cosmopolitan history of being a free city-state, its welcoming attitude towards other cultures and its dynamic port, Gdańsk is one of the Polish food scene hotspots.

In this article, you will find a collection of great places that can cater your wildest food needs.

So let’s jump straight to where to eat in Gdańsk!

For pizza – Oliwa Do Ognia

where to eat in Gdańsk

Address: Garncarska 10/16a

Website: https://www.facebook.com/oliwadoognia/

Why: this tiny place serves arguably the best pizza in the whole Tri-city agglomeration. The pizza here is simple and tasty, just as it should be. The prices are great too

Price: pizzas starting at 18 PLN

For pierogi – Pierogarnia Mandu

where to eat in Gdańsk

Address: Elżbietańska 4/8

Website: http://pierogarnia-mandu.pl/

Why: they say if there is a queue the place should be good. And this is definitely a case for Pierogarnia Mandu. It is stylish, it is modern and most importantly it serves the best pierogi in town!

Price: here’s the full MENU

For traditional Polish cafeteria – Bar Turystyczny

where to eat in Gdańsk

Address: Szeroka 8/10

Website: http://www.barturystyczny.pl/

Why: To get an insider look on everyday Poland you should visit a Bar mleczny (milk bar). It is a cafeteria serving traditional Polish dishes. There are breakfast options and lunch options. Just take a tray and decide for yourself. Oh yes, also Bar Turystyczny is ridiculously cheap and centrally located

Price: check out their MENU

For burger – Surf Burger

where to eat in Gdańsk

Address: Garncarska 30

Website: http://surfburger.pl/

Why: while burger craze might see its final days in the Central Europe, Surf Burger was there at the beginning and was the best. Apparently, it is there to stay, so grab yourself a classic burger, french fries on the side, a hipster bottle of Hamburg’s finest Fritz Cola and just enjoy good times vibe

Price: check out their MENU

For Mexican – Piñata

where to eat in Gdańsk

Address: Wały Jagiellońskie 34

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pinata.foodtruck/

Why: if you’re craving for a quesadilla or can’t live without a taco, Piñata has you covered. It is a small street food-type place couple hundred meters from the railway station. Food is delicious and simple, what else do you need from a Tex-Mex eatery?

Price: check out their MENU

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