5 awesome reasons to visit Gdańsk, Poland

If you’re looking for a great destination in Poland – choose Gdańsk! It is a city of turbulent history and a unique mix of cultures and nationalities. It is a place where the World War II started and also the place of city rebirth after nearly total destruction. Apart from that, Gdańsk is one of the largest ports of the Baltic Sea. With an appearance combining colourful architecture of Copenhagen and Amsterdam blended with traditional Polish atmosphere, Gdańsk is an exceptional city worth your attention!

Let me share with you 5 amazing reasons to visit Gdańsk!

1. Długi Targ Square

reasons to visit gdansk

Rows of colourful houses, superb Neptune fountain, elegant City Hall, Długi Targ would be a perfect illustration for a fairy tale. This square is a heart of the city and its most picturesque spot.

2. The Gdańsk Crane

(reasons to visit Gdańsk)

reasons to visit gdansk

One of the cool symbols of the city, the impressive structure is the largest medieval shipyard crane in the world. Definitely a must-see!

3. The Museums

reasons to visit gdansk

Gdańsk is a city of culture and there are numerous interesting museums to choose from. Lovers of the sea will be delighted to visit the Maritime Museum boasting a real warship. History aficionados will be impressed by the rich collections of National History Museum and Museum of Archeology. If you’re interested in Polish history, then Solidarity Center is a place for you to be!

4. St. Mary’s Church

(reasons to visit Gdańsk)

reasons to visit gdansk

The biggest brick church in the world doesn’t cease to impress. From the impressive interior dotted by splendid artefacts and a beautiful organ to the breathtaking views from the top of the tower, it is a Gdańsk must-see

5. The sea

reasons to visit gdansk

Gdańsk enjoys a perfect location near the Baltic Sea and it opens numerous possibilities to enjoy the coast. Head to Orłowo for beautiful cliff views, visit Sopot to feel the atmosphere of Polish Baltic Riviera.

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2 thoughts on “5 awesome reasons to visit Gdańsk, Poland”

  1. Very good article, Pavlo. I’m glad you liked Gdansk, because I feel this great city is somewhat underrated in Europe. Yes, it does resemble Amsterdam and Copenhagen a little. And there lots of interesting places near Gdansk. If somebody is staying there and has a little more time, I would recommend a day trip to the Hel Peninsula or to the Slovincian National Park with huge sand dunes. Cheers!

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