reasons to visit szentendre

5 amazing reasons to visit Szentendre in Hungary

In this article, you will find 5 reasons to visit Szentendre in Hungary! Many people come to Hungary because of Budapest. Often tourists do not go outside the splendid Hungarian capital. And it is a pity as Hungary has many magnificent places to visit. Today I’d like to talk about Szentendre – one of the charming

coffee shops in budapest

5 great coffee shops in Budapest, Hungary

There are many places to have a coffee in Budapest. When it comes to a good coffee, the list narrows. When it comes to a good coffee combined with a unique atmosphere, the list becomes even narrower. Let me share my picks for 5 great coffee shops in Budapest! 1. Madal Espresso and Brew Bar (coffee

things to do in miskolc

7 great things to do in Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc is the 4th biggest city in Hungary and is just 2,30 hours train ride from Budapest. Often overlooked by tourists, this Northern Hungarian city is a hidden gem of a country boasting magnificent nature, cool sights and unique baths. Let me share with you 7 great things to do in Miskolc! 1. See the real-life

things to do in debrecen

TOP 5 Things to Do in Debrecen, Hungary

Although Debrecen may not be the most popular Hungarian destination, still the second biggest city in the country has plenty of attractions to offer. Almost completely destroyed in World War 2, throughout the years’ city was thoroughly restored. Debrecen today is a calm middle-sized town starting to locate itself on the tourist map of Hungary. Let’s

northern hungary

Top 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary

Hungary is a great country for tourism. Every region has its own unique flair. Northern Hungary is not an exception. Home to the mountains, national parks, cultural and architectural heritage, this part of the country should definitely be in the itinerary of a curious traveler. So let’s explore 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary!

reasons to visit eger

5 reasons to visit Eger in Northern Hungary

If you’re thinking about a great destination in Hungary – choose Eger! Located in the North of a country, this little city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Some think (including myself) that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Telegraph has put it in its “European cities you

places to visit in Hungary

Places to Visit in Hungary: Hortobágy National Park

I really like Hungary and I’ve been there many times. Many people go to beautiful Budapest and stay just there. But this Central European country has much more to offer. Today I would like to write about one of the national symbols and most interesting places to visit in Hungary, – Hortobágy National Park. Getting

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