5 reasons to visit Eger in Northern Hungary

If you’re thinking about a great destination in Hungary – choose Eger! Located in the North of a country, this little city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Some think (including myself) that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Telegraph has put it in its “European cities you never thought to visit – but definitely should” list. So let me share with you 5 great reasons to visit Eger!

1. Charming streets of the Old Town

reasons to visit eger

Whether it is a romantic walk or pointless wandering, Eger is a perfect place for long and pleasant strolls. With one of the best-preserved Old Towns in Hungary, this city is a perfect tourism destination! Be sure to drink a coffee in one of the cozy cafes and eat the legendary gulyas soup at the numerous traditional restaurants.

2. Majestic castle

reasons to visit eger
© Eli Duke / Flickr

Offering stunning views over the Old Town of Eger, the Castle of Eger is a major attraction in this Hungarian city. It is also one of the symbols of Hungarian resistance to Turkish invasion. In 1552 the Turkish army tried to capture the castle and failed. Being one of the most well-preserved castles in Hungary, it is definitely a must-see!

3. Grandiose Basilica

reasons to visit eger
© Tony Bowden / Flickr

A jewel of Eger cityscape, the Basilica is a large impressive Classicist building. Be sure to go inside the church to see beautiful interior full of amazing frescoes and paintings.

4. Northernmost Minaret in Europe

reasons to visit eger
© Eli Duke / Flickr

A curious relic of the Ottoman invasion of Hungary, the minaret eerily stands in the middle of Eger’s Old Town. It holds a record of being a northernmost minaret in Europe. With a 40 m height, it is a great place for wonderful panoramas of Eger, – you can go on the very top of the minaret.

5. Baroque architecture

reasons to visit eger
© sikeri / Flickr

Eger is considered to have one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Central Europe. The highlight of it is the wonderful Minorite church that stands on central Dobo square.

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