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One day in Przemysl, Poland: a sightseeing guide

In this article, you will find a sightseeing guide to spending one day in Przemysl, Poland! To put Przemysl on your travel radar, be sure to check my article onĀ 5 great reasons to visit Przemysl in Poland Morning (one day in Przemysl) The best way to get to Przemysl is taking a train. The city […]

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Poland Travel Guide

5 great reasons to visit Przemysl in Poland

Przemysl may not be the city you frequently find in the guides, its existence on the tourist map of Poland is not that confident yet. Nevertheless, it is a hidden gem of the south-eastern part of the country. Why? Let me share with you 5 great reasons to visit Przemysl! 1. Amazing Old Town Przemysl

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