5 great reasons to visit Przemysl in Poland

Przemysl may not be the city you frequently find in the guides, its existence on the tourist map of Poland is not that confident yet. Nevertheless, it is a hidden gem of the south-eastern part of the country. Why? Let me share with you 5 great reasons to visit Przemysl!

1. Amazing Old Town

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Przemysl has had a long and colourful history. Many times it has changed jurisdictions and borders. It all has led to a fascinating blend of different architectural styles that can be found around the cosy and compact Old Town. Having the finest examples of Baroque, Gothic, Classic and Secessionist architecture, Przemysl is a great destination for all the history buffs out there!

2. City of Beautiful Churches

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There is a little area in the Old Town of Przemysl where you can find four different beautiful churches standing right next to each other. And there are much more in a city of just sixty thousand inhabitants. Of course, they all are waiting for you to explore their magnificent interiors and exteriors!

3. Castle with the oldest functioning amateur theatre in Europe

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Having a castle in the city is great. Having a castle on the hill is even better as it is a perfect viewpoint for beautiful city panoramas. Having an oldest functioning amateur theatre in the world is something that Przemysl can be proud of. So why not explore all of it at once?

4. Railway station that looks like a palace

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One of the most interesting sights of Przemysl is the splendid railway station. I mean, usually, the railway station is not something that you pay attention to when visiting a city. But Przemysl takes it to the next level. Frescoes on beautifully painted walls, colourful ceilings, magnificent waiting halls and tiled floor make Przemysl railway station one of the most beautiful ones in Poland (if not in whole Central Europe).

5. Place to be for all the fans of Good Soldier Švejk

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Good Soldier Švejk is an iconic character for the Central European literature. Created by the famous Czech novelist Jaroslav Hašek, it has become one of the most loved and cherished literary personages in Europe. Przemysl is a special place to enjoy the Švejk’s heritage as there is a statue devoted to the character and his dog as well as Association of the Friends of Good Soldier Švejk that organises different thematic events.

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