One Day in Presov, Slovakia – Architectural Details

Today I invite you to spend one day in Presov and walk around this beautiful Slovak town.

  • Presov is the third-largest city in Slovakia
  • Has a mixed Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian and Ruthenian population
  • Temple of St. John the Baptist is a home to one of the total 4 world copies of Shroud of Turin

Let’s start out architectural walk.

Presov city center is a typical one for a Slovak town. There is a long and wide central street (“Hlavna” or Main Street), where all the major sights are situated:

one day in presov

Having one main street is quite convenient for tourism – everything you need will be centered in one place.

Fire struck the row of houses on the Hlavná ulica street in 1887 and destroyed a large portion of the town. Originally the Late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses were reconstructed in the new style”

one day in presov

Here’s the famous Greek-Catholic Temple of St. John the Baptist where the copy of Shroud of Turin can be found:

one day in presov

I really loved the entrance to the Temple:

one day in presov

The true highlight of Presov is Co-Cathedral of Saint Nicholas. Why there’s “Co-” part?

“The title “co-cathedral” refers to the fact, that St. Nicholas is the second seat of archbishops of the Košice’ Archdiocese, after St. Elisabeth Cathedral in Košice”

one day in presov

This church is among the oldest and most important cathedrals in Slovakia:

one day in presov

Also it is very beautiful and majestic building:

one day in presov

I loved Presov because of tiny architectural details.

Like this little statue inside the wall of a house:

one day in presov

Or this architectural element:

one day in presov

There is also this horse:

one day in presov

And just look at these guys:

one day in presov

It’s like some kind of a party that only statues are invited to

Also there is an impressive Franciscan Church:

one day in presov

 Inside I found an animated and illuminated nativity scene:

one day in presov

My favorite house in Presov is this one:

one day in presov

It houses Gallery of Saris region. 

 ” It is one of the oldest regional galleries in Slovakia and it has over four thousand works of art from the late 15th century up to the present day”

Also one of the attractions of Presov is this beautiful Neo-Romanesque-Moorish Orthodox  synagogue:

one day in presove

Summing it all up I would like to say that I really loved Presov. It is a city to explore at a slow pace, looking at the blend of different architectural styles. Here you can truly feel the Slovak lifestyle and can learn more about the history of this Central European country.

Thank you for reading!

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