Hotel Chronicles: Hotel Santi in Krakow, Poland

Name of the Hotel: Hotel Santi


Location: Krakow, Poland

Address: Dominikańska 1

Stars: 4

This is the first edition of Hotel Chronicles! I’m really happy that for this pioneering article I partnered with such a high quality accommodation as Hotel Santi in Krakow.

Hotel Chroniclesis a project about my stay in hotels. I will share with you my experience here, on the website as well as on my Twitter and Instagram

Let’s start, shall we?

hotel santi
View from the entrance

1. Hotel Santi is a boutique 4-star hotel set in the beautiful historic building dating back to the 18th century

Hotel santi

The hotel enjoys a central location.

It is located within the walking distance to all the major sights of Krakow. For example, it’s 3 minutes walk to the Main Market Square and 7 minutes walk to Wawel Castle.

It is a great advantage if you want to stay in the centre and be able to explore the city from its heart.

2. Santi is a new hotel so the old parts are aesthetically combined with the elegant modern design

hotel santi

This fact leads to unique experiences as you can:

– have a breakfast surrounded by preserved 18th century frescoes and historic walls

hotel santi
Remains of historic 18th century frescoes

– have a drink in a 19th century basement bar

hotel santi

Bar is a lively place with an amazing atmosphere. The lights are warm and welcoming and the setting is quite unique:

hotel santi

Hotel Santi is a 2017 Traveller’s Choice winner! It is listed on 10-th place among 25 best small hotels in Poland. Additionally, it is listed on 12-th place among 25 most romantic hotels in Poland!

3. The design of the rooms in Hotel Santi combines the original historic elements and modern 4-star hotel furnishing

Let me show you how my room looked like:

hotel santi

hotel santi

hotel santi
Great combination of old and new

It is a unique experience to stay in a house full of history and beauty while enjoying the time in one of the most charming cities in Central Europe!

hotel santi
Beautiful old stove in one of the rooms of Hotel Santi

If you are interested in a relaxed stay in a historic setting with high-quality service, Hotel Santi is definitely a place to check out!

Thank you for reading!

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