9 awesome reasons to visit Prague and fall in love with it

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Period. It has everything to be a top tourist destination and it can satisfy all the tastes and preferences. Let me share with you 9 awesome reasons to visit Prague and fall in love with it!

1. Charles Bridge

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It is a must-see of Prague, a landmark that makes this city unique. Charles Bridge is an amazing sight that charms you with many beautiful statues, splendid views of Prague Old Town and artistic feeling. Taking a stroll here is a pure esthetic delight. So what are you waiting for?!

2. Old Town Square

reasons to visit prague

A quintessence of the beauty Prague can offer, Old Town Square is a place to be. You can spend hours exploring beautiful colourful buildings, admiring the spikes of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, exploring statues and architectural details. Be sure to see the show of the Astronomical Clock!

3. Art Nouveau architecture

reasons to visit prague

Colourful frescoes, rich decorations and breathtaking interiors make Prague version of Art Nouveau movement a great addition to its portrait of a must-see city. Head to the Municipal House for one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau interiors of the world.

4. Elegant Baroque churches

reasons to visit prague

It is easy to be amazed in Prague. The best way to do it is to visit St. Nicholas Church in the Little Quarter district. What you will see inside will take your breath away. Guaranteed. Splendid ceiling decorations, amazingly beautiful statues and architectural elements, this church has it all to compete in “the prettiest church in Europe” competition. And there are more churches like that in Prague.

5. Romantic views over the Vltava river

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When there is a river there are bridges. When there are hills in the city they make a great viewpoint to see those bridges. When the city is Prague the views you see from the viewpoints are amazing.

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6. Rich coffee culture

best coffee shops in Prague

What can be better than enjoying a beautiful city over a cup of coffee? Prague offers you such a possibility having many awesome coffee shops to choose from.

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7. Diverse food scene

where to eat in Prague

Prague is a global city. In terms of the food scene, it means that you can find a big array of different cuisines for all tastes. Apart from delicious Czech cuisine, there are many places you’d like to visit to eat great food.

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8. Visit the largest ancient castle in the world

reasons to visit Prague

Prague Castle is very big. And it is there for you to explore! It is a unique set of beautiful churches, charming gardens and magnificent palaces. Prague Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in whole Europe and it holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest castle complex in the world. 

9. Most beautiful libraries in the world

reasons to visit prague

Not every city claims to have the most beautiful library in the world. Prague has two spots that can compete for this title. To be more precise, it is the Strahov Monastery Library and Clementinum library. Isn’t it an amazing reason to visit Czech capital?

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