5 awesome reasons why you should visit Rzeszow in Poland

Rzeszow is a mid-sized picturesque city and the capital of Podkarpackie Voivodeship of Poland. Being just 1,5 hours train ride away from Krakow it doesn’t enjoy the same tourist attention. And that’s a pity as Rzeszow is a charming daybreak destination and a great city to experience the Polish way of life.

Let me share 5 awesome reasons why you should visit Rzeszow!

1. See the beautiful Market Square with a Magnificent City Hall

visit rzeszow

When it come to the Market Squares, Poland is a leader in terms of beauty and picturesqueness. Rzeszow’s Market Square may be much smaller than the one in Krakow, nevertheless it holds the charming small-town flare. Also, it boasts one of the most beautiful City Halls in the country.

2. Stroll around imposing Rzeszow Castle

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What city is complete without a castle in the city centre? Rzeszow is fully complete in this sense, having a big and beautiful castle with a mighty wall and wide moat. It is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing walk, admire the grandiose architecture and take a few snaps for Instagram.

3. Walk through the historic tunnels under the Market Square

visit Rzeszow

A cool attraction of the city is a unique tourist route through the tunnels under the Market Square. You can walk the historic paths through the former underground passages between the Market Square houses. There are a rich exposition and interesting old preserved items that tell a history of the city.

Information about visiting HERE

4. Be amazed by the magnificent interior of Bernardine Church

visit Rzeszow

With a splendid ceiling, unique blend of Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo architectural styles as well as rich decorations, Bernardine Church is one of the most beautiful highlights of Rzeszow.

5. Explore elegant Art Nouveau architecture

visit Rzeszow

There are many great examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Rzeszow. As the city was once a part of Austro-Hungary, Secession movement left its splendid marks on the cityscape of Rzeszow. The most interesting buildings include several Art Nouveau villas near the Castle.

For more INFO about visiting Rzeszow go to the Official City Website

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  1. the largest city in south-eastern Polish, the capital of the Podkarpackie Province and the center of Rzeszow Metropolitan Area. The seat of local government and the provincial government and the judiciary. It is the center of economic, academic, cultural and recreational south-eastern Polish. It serves as an important center for the aerospace industry, information technology, chemical, commercial, construction and service. It is a booming city of young and enterprising people.

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