TOP 3 cheap eats in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a great combination of top-notch sightseeing and affordability which makes it an amazing Central European destination. We know that finding a great place to have a tasty and affordable meal in a new city may be tricky sometimes. There are good cheap eats and there are bad cheap eats.

In this article, I would like to share with you the TOP 3 cheap eats in Krakow, the ones that will leave your wallet happy and your stomach delighted! 

1. Gospoda Koko

cheap eats in krakow

Why: a legendary Krakow place offering delicious Polish dishes at a ridiculous price. Students love it, locals love it, tourists love it, so why won’t you start to love it too? Geared up with a big portion of żurek soup and the schabowy (pork breaded cutlet) loving Koko becomes much easier.

Price of a lunch: 14 PLN (3,29 EUR), you can also order 1/2 of a lunch at 9,50 PLN (2.23 EUR)


Address: Gołębia 8

2. Smakołyki

cheap eats in krakow

Why: set in a splendid Art Nouveau building, Smakołyki is a nicely designed, bright and clean place to have a great meal in the center of the city. Every day they have a different “menu of the day”. Smakołyki serves mostly Polish meals but you can find many European cuisine entries in the menu as well. It is among the best cheap eats in Krakow!

Price of a lunch: 16 PLN (3.76 EUR)


Address: Straszewskiego 28

3. Milk bar Tomasza

cheap eats in krakow

Why: while in Poland you should definitely visit a bar mleczny or milk bar. It is a fusion between the canteen and a cafeteria offering cheap and simple food. And if you’re looking for a nice milk bar in Krakow, one of the best ones is Milk bar Tomasza. Whether it is a breakfast or lunch, you can be sure that this place will serve you good quality tasty food at a low price.

Price of a lunch: 18 PLN (4.23 EUR)


Address: Świętego Tomasza 24

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