5 amazing reasons to visit Kutná Hora in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a home to many wonderful cities full of spectacular sights. One of such cities is Kutná Hora – a small historic town situated just a half an hour away from Prague. It is one of the highlights of the Czech tourism as well as UNESCO World Heritage sight.

Let me share with you 5 amazing reasons to visit Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic!

1. St. Barbara’s Church

(reasons to visit Kutná Hora)

reasons to visit Kutná Hora

Take a walk to the Breüerovy sady Park to be amazed by the splendid panorama of the unique St. Barbara’s Church. With its Gothic architecture, endless arcades and distinct spiked roof, this masterpiece is a must-see of the Central Europe.

Information about visiting St. Barbara’s Cathedral can be found HERE

2. Sedlec Ossuary

reasons to visit Kutná Hora

On the outside, it looks like a typical Bohemian Baroque chapel surrounded by the cemetery of a modest size. Once you enter the building you are stepping in the kingdom of death. Sedlec Ossuary is one of the so-called “Bone Chapels” that were built around Europe by the devout monks. It contains more than 40 000 human remains and serves a macabre illustration of “Memento Mori”.

Information about visiting Sedlec Ossuary can be found HERE

3. Sedlec Cathedral

(reasons to visit Kutná Hora)

reasons to visit Kutná Hora

Just a hundred meters away from the Ossuary you find the glorious Sedlec Cathedral – one of the biggest cathedrals of its time. If the Bone Chapel is a kingdom of death, Sedlec Ossuary is a heavenly place with incredibly high ceilings with Baroque paintings.

Information about visiting Sedlec Cathedral can be found HERE

4. The Old Town

reasons to visit Kutná Hora

Apart from the world class sights, Kutná Hora boasts a cosy and picturesque Old Town, one you expect to find in a small Bohemia town of its size. Escape the tourist crowds taking a walk around the sleepy streets, admire the Gothic stone fountain and numerous compact churches, sip coffee from one of the coffee shops offering the provincial Czech atmosphere.

5. The Museums

(reasons to visit Kutná Hora)

reasons to visit Kutná Hora

It may be a small city, but Kutná Hora has a handful of museums that remind of its prosperous royal past. Museum of Silver will introduce you to the former mining capital of the Czech Kingdom. Contemporary art lovers will be delighted to stroll through the halls of Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region in historic Jesuit College.

For more museums and galleries in Kutná Hora go HERE

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