one day in wroclaw

TOP 3 great viewpoints in Wroclaw, Poland for taking amazing photos

Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It has everything to be the top tourist destination – a colorful Old Town, lots of history, spectacular sights, UNESCO World Heritage-listed building and welcoming atmosphere. Also, it has plenty of great viewpoints to better capture its charming allure.

Here are the TOP 3 great viewpoints in Wroclaw, Poland for taking amazing photos! 

1. Tower of the Cathedral of St. John Baptist

one day in wroclaw

Address: plac Katedralny 18


What you see: a wonderful panorama of the Cathedral Island as well as a magnificent vista of the whole Old Town of Wroclaw with the Odra river

Price: 5 PLN

2. Tower of the Garrison Church

one day in wroclaw

Address: św. Elżbiety 1/2


What you see: the best view of the colorful Market Square of Wroclaw and the entirety of the Old Town. The best viewpoint in town!

Price: 5 PLN

3. Mathematical Tower of the University of Wroclaw

one day in wroclaw

Address: plac Uniwersytecki 1


What you see: spectacular panorama of the Old Town and Sky Tower skyscraper in the distance. While you’re at the University of Wroclaw don’t miss the stunning Baroque Aula Leopoldina – an absolute Wroclaw’s must-see!

Price: 10 PLN

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