one day in levoca

One Day in Levoca, Slovakia

There are many beautiful places to visit in Slovakia. This Central European country offers plenty of interesting choices in terms of sights. Today I would like to take you to the city, I personally believe to be one of the underrated gems of Slovakia. Today I would like to talk about one day in Levoca in Presov […]

spis castle

5 reasons to visit Spis castle in Slovakia

Eastern part of Slovakia has many amazing things to offer. Beautiful old cities, splendid churches, delicious food. But one of the breathtaking highlights of this region as well as Slovakia as a whole is impressive Spis castle. Here are the 5 reasons to put it in your must-see list: 1. Impressive look Just look at its

visit kezmarok

5 Reasons to Visit Kezmarok in Slovakia

Kezmarok may be a small city but it offers a lot in terms of sights. Having a rich history, being one of the historical free royal towns in Slovakia it is definitely a must-see of Eastern part of this Central European country. Let me share with you 5 reasons to visit Kezmarok. 1. Castle right in the

one day in presov

One Day in Presov, Slovakia – Architectural Details

Today I invite you to spend one day in Presov and walk around this beautiful Slovak town. Presov is the third-largest city in Slovakia Has a mixed Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian and Ruthenian population Temple of St. John the Baptist is a home to one of the total 4 world copies of Shroud of Turin Let’s start

snowshoeing in slovakia

Snowshoeing in Slovakia: a perfect winter adventure

Sometimes when you travel you feel a need for an adventure. After all the sightseeing is done, all the museums are visited and all the restaurants are checked out you want a bit of fresh air. That’s when the outdoor tours come in. Today I would like to share with you my experience of snowshoeing

places to visit in slovakia

Top 5 Beautiful Places to Visit in Slovakia

When it comes to places to visit in Slovakia, this small Central European country offers plenty of fascinating choices. In my opinion Slovakia possesses the rural charm and welcoming spirit which makes it truly a great destination. Let me now suggest you a couple of great places to visit in Slovakia! 1. Bratislava Starting your

where to eat in Kosice

Where to eat in Kosice: finding the best lunch options

There is a famous Latin proverb saying – Edimus, ut vivamus, non vivimus, ut edamus or in other words: “We eat to live and not live to eat”. Let’s leave the philosophy to Roman philosophers and talk a bit about where to eat in Kosice. Because often you want to have a good lunch. Today I would

things to do in kosice

Things to Do in Kosice: TOP 5 Must-See Sights (+Map)

In this article I would like to cover things to do in Kosice with TOP 5 must-see sights in the city. You can also check out my “One Day in Kosice, Slovakia – Architectural Details” article about Kosice. Okay, let’s go. Let’s imagine you will be walking from the Kosice railway station. Sight 1 – Jakab’s

one day in kosice

One Day in Kosice, Slovakia – Architectural Details

If you are looking for a perfect destination in Central Europe and in Slovakia choose Kosice. Today we are going to spend one day in Kosice, main city of Eastern Slovakia. Quick facts about Kosice: Second largest city in Slovakia European Capital of Culture in 2013 Home to UNESCO included St. Elisabeth Cathedral Has the largest

getting to Kosice

Getting to Kosice by bus and by train

Today I am starting series of articles on Slovakia. This one is about getting to Kosice. I will cover getting there by bus and by train. Why visit Kosice? It is charming city included in UNESCO World Heritage list. It has an impressive church in the city center, many cozy old streets and welcoming vibes.

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