eastern slovakia

TOP 7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Eastern Slovakia

Eastern Slovakia is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Mighty High Tatras, World Heritage sites, and charming old royal towns make this region a perfect Central European destination. Let’s explore together the TOP 7 places to visit in Eastern Slovakia!

reasons to visit poprad

5 great reasons to visit Poprad, Slovakia

Poprad is a gateway to the magnificent High Tatra mountains. Every street view here is amazing and the city offers plenty of great things to do. It can be equally enjoyed during every season of the year. So while you’re planning your Slovakia trip, it is absolutely worthwhile to put Poprad as a destination!

villages in high tatras

4 picturesque villages in High Tatras, Slovakia (Updated 2024)

The High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia is an area of endless exploration. It can be enjoyed equally during all seasons of the year and this region offers amazing opportunities for hiking, adventures, skiing, skating and just admiring nature. Poprad is a gateway to the High Tatras with few shopping malls, a beautiful city center, and


5 fantastic winter activities in the High Tatras, Slovakia

Winter adventure feels great. I discovered this two years ago when I went snowshoeing with Erik from Adventoura Slovakia for the first time. Refreshing, calming, thrilling. I loved the experience and came back whenever I could ever since. That’s why I’d like to share with you 5 amazing winter activities you can indulge yourself to

winter activities in high tatras

5 amazing winter activities in High Tatras, Slovakia

Going to High Tatra mountains during winter is a great thing to do! You get a spectacular snowy panorama, lots of fresh air and plenty of amazing adventures to partake while you’re there. In order to have a great winter adventure, it is necessary to choose the right organizer. One of the best companies operating on

coffee shops in bratislava

TOP 5 best coffee shops in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava just has it when it comes to a good coffee. Maybe it’s the proximity to Vienna that makes the coffee scene here quite buzzing or maybe it is the welcoming attitude of the city dwellers, but in the Slovak capital you won’t be disappointed by the coffee taste. If you follow my suggestions, of

visit kezmarok

Train to Bratislava: a love story

Once I took a Regiojet train going from Poprad to Bratislava in Slovakia, beautiful Central European country. Regiojet trains are basically a renovated versions of former old socialist trains that served well to the Slovak Socialist Republic. What is really characteristic of these trains is the cabin design. In one couch you would have approximately

reasons to visit bratislava

7 reasons to visit Bratislava in Slovakia

I really love Bratislava! It is a modern capital of European state – not too big, not too small. Cosiness is what lures to the capital of Slovakia. Bratislava is very welcoming, beautiful and interesting. Let me share with you 7 reasons to visit Bratislava! 1. Bratislava castle Situated on top of the hill, the Bratislava

spisska nova ves

5 reasons to visit Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia

Spisska Nova Ves is not a city which instantly pops in mind of tourists when they think about Slovakia. Moreover, after many years of visiting this Central European country, I discovered Spisska Nova Ves only now. And I must say that I was positively surprised by this little Slovak town. That’s why I would like to

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