7 great things to do in Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc is the 4th biggest city in Hungary and is just 2,30 hours train ride from Budapest. Often overlooked by tourists, this Northern Hungarian city is a hidden gem of a country boasting magnificent nature, cool sights and unique baths. Let me share with you 7 great things to do in Miskolc!

1. See the real-life Grand Budapest Hotel

things to do in miskolc

Head to Lillafüred just 10-minutes local bus ride from Miskolc for one of the most beautiful places in Hungary – Hotel Palota (Palace). It is an extremely picturesque building standing right next to the lake, surrounded by waterfalls and foresty hills. Also, it is one of the closest equivalents to imaginary Grand Budapest Hotel from the genius Wes Anderson movie.

2. Explore the diverse architecture of central Miskolc

things to do in miskolc

Miskolc central part may not be as big as the one in Budapest (in fact, it is much smaller), nevertheless it is a blend of different architectural styles combined in an interesting way. That’s why walking along the central street feels like a fascinating architecture study with the buildings from different eras standing together. Art Nouveau courtyards, classical statues and beautiful palaces is what you find along relaxing walk.

3. Visit the grandiose castle

things to do in miskolc

If you’re a castle lover, the Diósgyőr fortress should definitely be in your must-see list of Hungarian castles! Recently it was renovated and now looks almost as majestic as in the times of its medieval glory.

4. Be amazed by the ancient caves

things to do in miskolc

Szent István cave is an extremely beautiful natural attraction.

The history of discovery of this cave is quite an unconventional one: the dog fell into the hole in the ground circa 1913 and when people started looking for the animal the hole in the ground led them to a beautiful natural cave.

Today you can see the million years-aged stalactites and stalagmites inside. A visit to the cave is one of the most spectacular things to do in Miskolc!

5. See the palace-like railway station

things to do in miskolc

If you like a palace-like railway stations, Miskolc is definitely a place for you. Built in 1901 in eclectic style, it hasn’t lost its imperial appeal with elegant ceiling, a central hall with a rich chandelier and historic waiting halls.

6. Swim in a cave bath

things to do in miskolc

One of the most renowned highlights of Miskolc is a thermal complex Miskolctapolca. The unique part about it is the thermal bath right inside the natural cave. Can you remember the last time you had a relaxing time swimming inside the cave? If you want to add this to you experiences head to Miskolc!

7. Take a ride in a vintage train through the Bükk national park

things to do in miskolc

With its forests, caves and hilly terrain, Bükk National Park is one of the natural treasures of Hungary. Good news is, you can visit it the fascinating “old school” way taking a vintage train going from Miskolc to Lillafüred. If the weather is good, there is an open carriage offering great panoramic views. Overall, it is an amazing mini-adventure.

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