One day in Rzeszow, Poland: a sightseeing guide

In this article, you will find a sightseeing guide to spending one day in Rzeszow!

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(one day in Rzeszow)

The city centre of Rzeszow can be easily explored on foot. So to start your sightseeing head to the Market Square

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The Market Square is a heart of the city. Although not as big as in nearby Krakow, Rzeszow Market Square is reminiscent of a central square of a classic small Polish town

Here you will find one of the most beautiful buildings in town, – an elegant City Hall

one day in rzeszow

Rzeszow City Hall was originally built in the 17th century but the present Neo-Renaissance structure dates back to the end of 19th century

For one of the most famous and interesting attractions in Rzeszow check Underground Tourist Route!

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The entrance to the Underground Tourist Route

It is a route lying underneath the Market Square though the former cellars of the trade houses that operated in Rzeszow since the medieval times. It’s a cool experience and a great way to discover more about the history of the city in a fun way

For more info about the Underground Tourist Route go HERE

Also, on the Market Square, you can visit the Museum of Ethnography boasting a great collection of wooden sculptures and folk art

For more information about the Museum of Ethnography go HERE

It’s time for a coffee break! For one of the best coffee shops in town check Kawa Rzeszowska


(one day in Rzeszow)

After having a coffee break head to the Baroque Rzeszow Cathedral – the oldest church in the city. Inside you can admire the magnificent interior incorporating Baroque and Rococo elements

one day in rzeszow
Interior of Rzeszow Cathedral

For one of the most beautiful buildings in the city take a short walk to the Bernardine Monastery built in the first half of 17th century

one day in rzeszow

With a stunning interior, the building is a Rzeszow must-see

one day in rzeszow
Interior of Bernardine Monastery
one day in rzeszow
Splendid painted ceiling of Bernardine Monastery

After admiring the religious architecture, take a stroll through the vibrant 3 Maja Street full of eclectic architecture

The road will lead you to another highlight of Rzeszow – grandiose Rzeszow Castle

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Rzeszow castle was originally built in 1458 and rebuilt in 1902-1906. Currently, it houses the provincial court

Right next to the Castle you can find the Lubomirski Summer Palace

one day in rzeszow

As well as a group of magnificent Art Nouveau villas 

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one day in rzeszow

After this part of sightseeing head back to the area around the Market Square to find two synagogues, – the Old Synagogue and the New Synagogue

one day in rzeszow
Old Synagogue

To find out more about the history of Jews in Rzeszow go HERE

For good places to eat you can check:

For more information about the city check the Official Website of the City of Rzeszow

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  1. Very nice city. The largest city in south-eastern Polish, the capital of the Podkarpackie Province and the center of Rzeszow Metropolitan Area. The seat of local government and the provincial government and the judiciary. It is the center of economic, academic, cultural and recreational south-eastern Polish. It serves as an important center for the aerospace industry, information technology, chemical, commercial, construction and service. It is a booming city of young and enterprising people.

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