Coffee shops in Lviv: 5 great places

Let me share with you 5 great coffee shops in Lviv, Ukraine!

In Ukraine Lviv enjoys the title of being a “coffee capital”. While some people may argue with this statement, the truth is that Lviv being once a part of Austrian empire inherited the so-called Viennese coffee culture and blended it in its own unique local way.

1. Lvivska Manufaktura Kavy

(coffee shops in Lviv)

coffee shops in lviv


  • Prospekt Svobody, 22
  • Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street, 7
  • Valova Street, 16


The price of an espresso: 24 UAH (0, 84 EUR)

Why: it is a chain offering high-quality coffee and good, cosy atmosphere. If you’re looking for a comfy coffee break with a muffin or a cheesecake, this urban coffee shop definitely can cater your needs

2. Black Honey

(coffee shops in Lviv)

coffee shops in lviv

Address: Tadeusha Kostyushka Street, 2


The price of an espresso: 20 UAH (0,70 EUR)

Why: this little third wave place in the city centre of Lviv serves arguably the best coffee in town. With a minimalistic design and plenty of different coffee variations, it is one of the best choices while in Lviv

3. Shtuka

(coffee shops in Lviv)

best coffee shops in Prague

Address: Kotlyarska Street, 8


The price of an espresso: 16 UAH (0,56 EUR)

Why: If you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee in an authentic historic setting, Shtuka is the place to go to. With preserved interior of the beginning of XX-th century, rich history and regular art events, it is a highlight of cafe scene of Lviv

4. Svit Kavy

(coffee shops in Lviv)

coffee shops in lviv

Address: Katedralna Square, 6


The price of an espresso: 36 UAH (1,2 EUR)

Why: one of the most popular and well-known coffee shops in Lviv. Regarded to be the best coffee shop in town by some, this place should be definitely on your list

5. Alternatyvna Kava

(coffee shops in Lviv)

coffee shops in lviv

Address: 3/4, Petra Doroshenka Street, 45


The price of an espresso: 15 UAH (0,50 EUR)

Why: being a street coffee stand, this little place near the tram stop on the outskirts of the Old Town has deserved a reputation of serving high-quality coffee with an alternative twist

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