9 great things to see in Warsaw, Poland

In this article, you will find information on 9 great things to see in Warsaw!

The capital of Poland is a great destination in the Central Europe. It has its own unique vibe that distinguishes Warsaw from Krakow and Wroclaw (another Polish tourism hotspots). It is a young and vibrant city that remembers its history but always looks forward to its future.

Here is the list of 9 great things to see in Warsaw!

1. Market Square

one day in Warsaw
Houses on the Market Square of Warsaw

Why: beautiful colorful houses and the Warsaw Mermaid – the symbol of the city

2. Castle Square

things to see in warsaw

Why: iconic views and Royal Castle grandeur

For more information on visiting the Royal Castle go HERE 

3. Kozia Street

things to see in warsaw

Why: a filming location for The Pianist movie and one of the most authentic streets of Warsaw

4. Nowy Swiat street

things to see in warsaw
Adam Mickiewicz Monument and Carmelite Church in Warsaw

Why: long walks, beautiful reconstructed churches and plenty of entertainment

5. Palace of Culture and Science

one day in Warsaw
Impressive skyline of Warsaw

Why: colossal so-called Stalin skyscraper that was a gift to socialist Poland from the Soviet Union

For the information on the panoramic terrace on the top of the Palace go HERE 

6. Warsaw Downtown

things to see in Warsaw

Why: cool modern architecture, one of the most impressive downtowns in Europe

7. Wilanow Palace

one day in warsaw

Why: one of the beautiful remaining monuments of the pre-WW2 Warsaw

For the information about visiting Wilanow Palace go HERE

8. Lazienki Park

one day in Warsaw

Why: the biggest park in the city with a classicist palace, a pond, and peacocks walking around

9. National Stadium

things to see in Warsaw

Why: gigantic stadium built in the white and red national colors of Poland

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  1. Warsaw is a great city, and there are so many amazing places to go to and things to see! I love exploring it and find some new great spots ? My recent discovery, and probably one of the favorite ones, is a restaurant with Polish food called the Akademia. They have very modern approach to Polish culinary tradition. Every single dish that I have tried there was excellent. I was so delighted ?

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