August 2017

things to see in trogir

5 beautiful things to see in Trogir, Croatia

Considered to be one of the most beautiful island cities in the world, being one of the best preserved Gothic-Romanesque towns in Europe, Trogir is a treasure chest of Croatian Dalmatian coast. You can wander endlessly through the labyrinths of its narrow streets admiring the centuries-old beauty surrounding you. Also, the city is inscribed in […]

reasons to visit Kutná Hora
Czech Republic

5 amazing reasons to visit Kutná Hora in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a home to many wonderful cities full of spectacular sights. One of such cities is Kutná Hora – a small historic town situated just a half an hour away from Prague. It is one of the highlights of the Czech tourism as well as UNESCO World Heritage sight. Let me share


Hungarian swimming pools or a flashback to my childhood

I was born in 1992 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. On 24 August 1991 Ukraine proclaimed independence. The Soviet Union crumbled and capitalism was conquering a new state on the map of Europe. In the October 1989 People’s Republic of Hungary was transformed into the Republic of Hungary. Capitalism came earlier there. Uzhhorod is a small city

things to see in pula

9 amazing things to see in Pula, Croatia

Apart from being a top-notch holiday destination with miles of pristine beaches and plenty of seaside fun, Pula is also an extremely interesting city to explore. Rich Roman heritage, Austro-Hungarian architecture and many interesting places to visit make Pula a great destination in Croatia. Let me share with you 9 amazing things to see in Pula, Croatia 1. Pula Arena Why:

one day in Trieste

One day in Trieste: a portrait of cosmopolitan city

My train arrives in Trieste Centrale. If not for the Mediterranean heat and blueness of the Adriatic from the window, you could easily think that you arrived in Budapest or Vienna. Former Triest Südbahnhof bears the same Neo-Renaissance architectural splendour and elegance. Somewhat 100 years ago the station was the gateway to Österreichische Riviera, one

cheap eats in krakow
Poland Travel Guide

TOP 3 cheap eats in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a great combination of top-notch sightseeing and affordability which makes it an amazing Central European destination. We know that finding a great place to have a tasty and affordable meal in a new city may be tricky sometimes. There are good cheap eats and there are bad cheap eats. In this article, I

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