5 beautiful things to see in Trogir, Croatia

Considered to be one of the most beautiful island cities in the world, being one of the best preserved Gothic-Romanesque towns in Europe, Trogir is a treasure chest of Croatian Dalmatian coast. You can wander endlessly through the labyrinths of its narrow streets admiring the centuries-old beauty surrounding you. Also, the city is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Let me share with you 5 beautiful things to see in Trogir, Croatia!

1. Cathedral of St. Lawrence

(things to see in Trogir)

things to see in trogir

With its marvelous Romanesque portal made by Master Radovan, superb mix of architectures, impressive interior and breathtaking views from the top of the bell tower, Cathedral of St. Lawrence is an absolute must-see not only for Dalmatia region but for all Croatia.

2. Kamerlengo Castle

things to see in trogir

Mightily protecting Trogir dwellers throughout the centuries, this Venetian fortress is one of the symbols of the city. You can see its ancient walls long before approaching the city center. Also, views from the Kamerlengo’s walls are the best you can get in town.

3. St. John’s Square

(things to see in Trogir)

things to see in trogir

The heart of the Old Town and the most picturesque place in the city. Start your exploration from the ancient Loggia with old reliefs and wooden ceiling. Take a picture of beautiful Renaissance Clock Tower and explore the magnificent courtyard of the Town Hall.

4. City of Palaces

things to see in trogir

The Old Town of Trogir is dotted by the ancient palaces of the noble families that lived here. You can admire the amazing Romanesque and Baroque details of Big and Small Cipico palaces on the St. John’s Square and go on the palace hunting around the narrow streets of the city.

5. City of Ancient Churches

(things to see in Trogir)

things to see in trogir

Take a tourist map at the Trogir Tourist Board at the Town Hall on St. John’s Square and start your exploration of the old religious buildings of the city. Stop by the 14th century Church of St. Peter, continue with Romanesque-Gothic St. Dominic Monastery and step inside amazing Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas containing the symbol of the city – ancient Greek relief of Kairos, god of happiness.

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