5 amazing reasons to visit Zagreb, Croatia

It is no secret that Croatia is a tourism powerhouse. With pristine Adriatic sea, splendid historic cities, charming countryside and amazing nature, this small country is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. With the majority of tourists flocking to the seaside towns, Zagreb often doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves. But it has it all to be ranked among the coolest capitals in Europe.

Also, Zagreb was considered a number 1 among the Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2017 by the Lonely Planet.

So here are 5 amazing reasons to visit Zagreb!

1. Superb architecture

(reasons to visit Zagreb)

reasons to visit zagreb

Zagreb is a jewel for all the architecture aficionados. Mixing different styles in its unique way, impressing with colourful churches and Art Nouveau interiors, Croatian capital is a visual delight.

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2. Perfect outdoor experiences

reasons to visit zagreb
Mount Medvedica at the background

Zagreb stands at the footsteps of the Mount Medvedica. This makes the city a perfect base for hiking and cycling. You can literally just walk up the mountain from the city centre. Be sure to check out the breathtaking views from the observation point of the Medvedgrad fortress.

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3. Fascinating museums

(reasons to visit Zagreb)

reasons to visit Zagreb
Magnificent Art Pavilion

Museum scene of Zagreb is very diverse and unique. Here you can find the worlds’ first museum of naive art – Croatian Naive Art Museum. Also, Zagreb boasts the only Museum of Broken Relationships in the world. For one of the best art collections in Croatia head to The Mimara Museum.

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4. Vibrant city life

reasons to visit Zagreb

Zagreb can be easily considered a city that never sleeps. At least in the city centre. The numerous cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars create a joyful lively atmosphere of a never-ending holiday. Be it a day or a night, Zagreb will surprise you with a wide array of cool things to do. Go to the Donji Grad (Lower Town) and experience it for yourself!

5. Perfect base for further exploration of Croatia

(reasons to visit Zagreb)

reasons to visit Zagreb
Wonderful panorama of Split

Whether you want to go to the marvellous Croatian coastline, explore the natural wonders of Plitvice Lakes National Park or travel up to the picturesque fields and hills of Northern Croatia, Zagreb is a perfect starting point. Centrally located, it is well-connected with the rest of the country.

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