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wroclaw market square
Poland Travel Guide

Wroclaw Market Square – TOP 5 must-see sights

Market Square or Rynek is the heart of a Polish town, historical core of urban life. Market squares define the cityscape. Wroclaw is no exception, having one of the most beautiful market squares in whole Poland. Also its second biggest (after Rynek of Krakow). So today I would like to show you 5 must-see sights that […]

visit lublin
Poland Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Visit Lublin, Poland

I have to make a confession – Lublin is one of my favorite cities in Poland. It is a perfect destinations for exploring rich history of Poland, admire the old town and be amazed by splendid architecture of many churches. That’s why I would like to share 5 reasons to visit Lublin! 1. Majestic Lublin castle

one day in wroclaw
Poland Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Visit Wroclaw, Poland

I would like to start by saying that I really love Wroclaw! It is an amazing, vibrant Polish city with rich history, unique blend of cultures and splendid architecture. That’s why I would like to share the 5 reasons to visit Wroclaw. 1. Fairytale architecture When walking the old streets of Wroclaw you feel like

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