How to get from Piraeus to Naxos: tickets, prices, practicalities

So I went to Naxos, one of the Cycladic island of spectacular beauty, calm sea and wonderful cuisine. I can’t say it was a hundred percent hassle-free process so I’ve decided to share with you my experience of getting from Piraeus to Naxos. Usually, it all starts in Athens. Getting from Athens Airport to Piraeus […]


What to do in Chernihiv, Ukraine: 5 amazing must-see sights

At the northern borders of Ukraine, in the center of the 2nd biggest region of the country, lies Chernihiv, a tourist underdog and an extremely interesting destination. The ancient city of churches, this middle-sized town is living its tourist renaissance right now. There are dozens of festivals organized, the city center oozes with energy and


One day in Brussels, Belgium

Once Brussels was the city I wanted to belong to. As a student of the European Union’s hottest law school, the Belgian capital was the beginning and the end, the place where you dream to live and work in. In the end, I discovered that, in fact, Brussels may not be the city for me.


What to do in Mechelen, Belgium

Two weeks ago I had a chance to visit the magnificent Antwerp as a part of the press trip with Lublin Airport. While the capital of Flanders offers many attractions of its own, I am the type of a traveler who likes to constantly change the scenery and if there’s a chance to explore more, I

weekend in antwerp

How to spend a perfect weekend in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgium is a wonderful country. It has lots of fantastic architectural sights, the beer scene is amazing and the cities are beautiful. One of the most beautiful ones is with no doubt Antwerp, capital of Flanders as well as “diamond capital of the world”. I had a chance to spend a lovely weekend in Antwerp

zadar outdoor festival

Zadar Outdoor Festival Diaries: Day 1

It’s always great to come to Croatia. This year I had a chance to return to Zadar for the 3rd edition of Zadar Outdoor Festival. Have you ever participated in an outdoor festival? If not, you should definitely try it. It is all about the fresh air, the friendly competition and ultimately having a great


Where to eat in Zadar, Croatia: 5 great restaurants

If you’re looking for Mediterranean food, Zadar may be the best place in Croatia right now to try it. Combining trends with traditional flare, this Dalmatian city upholds the title of a Croatian foodie hotspot.  Let’s me share with you the best places to eat out in Zadar, Croatia.  As Croatia has become increasingly touristy,


My one day in Lviv: wandering aimlessly

There’s a big joy in wandering aimlessly. Just going where the roads take you without purpose and meaning. Randomly looking for architectural details, spotting curiosities, trying to better understand how the city lives. That’s what I did in Lviv. In my opinion, the best Ukrainian city for this kind of stuff. Old Lviv is a


5 fantastic winter activities in the High Tatras, Slovakia

Winter adventure feels great. I discovered this two years ago when I went snowshoeing with Erik from Adventoura Slovakia for the first time. Refreshing, calming, thrilling. I loved the experience and came back whenever I could ever since. That’s why I’d like to share with you 5 amazing winter activities you can indulge yourself to

reasons to visit Zadar

5 amazing reasons to visit Zadar, Croatia

With scoring 9th place in the annual Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2019, Zadar gets into the spotlight of interesting Croatian destinations. And righteously so as this seaside town is one of the most fascinating places to visit in this sights-packed Mediterranean country. Impressing with ancient history, swinging with upbeat nightlife, treating visitors

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