art nouveau in zagreb

Art Nouveau in Zagreb: Croatian State Archives (Gallery)

A true gem of Art Nouveau in a perfect condition awaits you in Zagreb. It is the magnificent building of the Croatian State Archives – the most impressive example of Art Nouveau in Zagreb. Built back in 1913, it hasn’t lost its opulence today. Step into the kingdom of symmetric lines, colourful tiles and elegant pannos! […]

colorful houses of Gdańsk
Poland Travel Guide

Colorful houses of Gdańsk, Poland (Gallery)

When it comes to the picturesque architecture, Gdańsk is one of the leaders in Poland. Neverending rows of colorful houses make you feel like you have ended up in a fairy tale. Here’s how I saw the beautiful architecture of this magnificent Polish town. Check out other articles from A-Z Gdańsk Guide series: Things to Do: 5

vegetarian restaurants in zagreb

TOP 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is a great city for a foodie. There is a great choice of different cuisines. Although Croatian national cuisine relates heavily on meat, green food is also firmly present. Let me share with you TOP 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Zagreb! 1. Vegehop Website: Address: Vlaška ul. 79 Why: Vegehop is everything you can ask for when it

cheap eats in wroclaw
Poland Travel Guide

TOP 5 great cheap eats in Wroclaw, Poland

Sometimes you just don’t want to spend much on food and get a high-quality meal. You’re lucky, Wroclaw is a city where you can find great places in all the price categories. Here’s the list of TOP 5 cheap eats in Wroclaw, Poland to help you with the search!  1. Bar Miś Address: Kuźnicza 48 Website:

andriyivsky uzviz

Autumn walk down the Andriyivsky Uzviz in Kyiv, Ukraine (Gallery)

Andriyivsky Uzviz is one of the symbols of Kyiv. Its “Montmartre” some would say. It’s true that this street is an embodiment of the old Kyiv, last relict of the long-gone days of the Ukrainian capital. Let me take you on an autumn walk down the iconic Andriyivsky Uzviz. Check other A-Z Kyiv Guide articles:  Things

vegetarian restaurants in kyiv

TOP 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Kyiv, Ukraine

Every year more and more vegetarian restaurants open in Kyiv to the delight of local green food aficionados and foreigners alike. Ukrainian capital boasts some cool places to eat the finest vegetarian meals. From trendy smoothie variations to fruit markets to green burgers, here are the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Kyiv! 1. Green 13

old streets of trogir

12 old streets of Trogir, Croatia (Gallery)

Trogir is a very beautiful historic city. Walking around the Old Town is a pure delight. Getting lost in the labyrinth of the ancient streets is a pleasure. Let me invite you to get lost in Trogir with this gallery of 12 beautiful old streets! Check out my article about 5 beautiful things to see

cheap eats in zagreb

TOP 5 great cheap eats in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is a great city. In fact, it is so good that Lonely Planet made it a winner in Best in Europe 2017 list. That means, among other things, that you should definitely come and explore the Croatian capital this year. To facilitate the exploration process and give you a choice of great cheap eats I

old doors of uzhhorod

11 old doors of Uzhhorod in Ukraine (Gallery)

Once I wandered around Uzhhorod taking pictures of beautiful old doors here and there. Why doors? They witnessed years of the turbulent history of this border city. Baroque doors, Secessionist doors, Functionist doors, they are the architectural reflections of the change of times. Check out my article about 5 reasons to visit Uzhgorod Thank you for

where to eat in Gdańsk
Poland Travel Guide

Where to eat in Gdańsk: pierogi, pizza, burgers and more

With its cosmopolitan history of being a free city-state, its welcoming attitude towards other cultures and its dynamic port, Gdańsk is one of the Polish food scene hotspots. In this article, you will find a collection of great places that can cater your wildest food needs. So let’s jump straight to where to eat in Gdańsk!

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