grand hotel lublinianka

IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka (Hotel Chronicles)

Name of the Hotel: IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka Website: Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 56, Lublin, Poland Hotel Chronicles – is a project about my stay in hotels During my latest Polish trip that included visiting Lublin, I was delighted to cooperate with IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka. They contacted me through Twitter and offered to host me in Lublin. It was […]

things to see in lublin
Poland Travel Guide

8 amazing things to see in Lublin, Poland

Situated at the crossroads where the West meets the East, Lublin may seem like an ordinary mid-town Polish city. However, if you look closer and explore more you will discover that this city is a place to rival the top Polish destinations as Krakow or Warsaw in the richness of history and fascinating sights. Here

Plaka neighbourhood

11 photo reasons to fall in love with Plaka neighbourhood in Athens, Greece

Athens is a magnificent city of many sides that will be interesting for all the kinds of travellers. It has everything to be one of the hotspots of European tourism. What makes Athens really unique is its neighbourhoods. You can endlessly wander from one neighbourhood to another exploring picturesque streets, quirky details and beautiful corners.

museums in athens

5 fascinating museums in Athens, Greece

Athens is a city of full of culture and history. It is one of the centres of the Western civilization and has incorporated centuries of stories. Stories of architectural grandeur, stories of the art masterpieces and stories of the traditions of the people. The best way to uncover these wonderful stories is to visit the

winter activities in high tatras

5 amazing winter activities in High Tatras, Slovakia

Going to High Tatra mountains during winter is a great thing to do! You get a spectacular snowy panorama, lots of fresh air and plenty of amazing adventures to partake while you’re there. In order to have a great winter adventure, it is necessary to choose the right organizer. One of the best companies operating on

christmas in krakow

Magical Christmas in Krakow, Poland (GALLERY)

Krakow is one of the places to be for a magical Christmas atmosphere, spectacular Old Town, good food and welcoming vibes. Here’s my gallery of charming Christmas in Krakow Check out the other articles from A-Z Krakow Guide: Things to Do 7 amazing reasons to visit Krakow, Poland One day in Krakow, Poland: sightseeing guide

reasons to visit Telč
Czech Republic

5 great reasons to visit Telč in Czech Republic

There are ordinary cities and there are cities that look like they are an illustration from a book of fairytales. I’m talking about Telč – a UNESCO-protected little town in the southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic. It is a visual delight and an extremely interesting day trip from either Brno or Prague. Let

coffee shops in bratislava

TOP 5 best coffee shops in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava just has it when it comes to a good coffee. Maybe it’s the proximity to Vienna that makes the coffee scene here quite buzzing or maybe it is the welcoming attitude of the city dwellers, but in the Slovak capital you won’t be disappointed by the coffee taste. If you follow my suggestions, of

coffee shops krakow
Poland Travel Guide

TOP 5 best coffee shops in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a charming city with an impressive Old Town and many amazing things to explore. Great coffee shops are vital for the general wellbeing of a traveler while visiting such a destination. What can be better than sipping a delicious cup of coffee to kick off the day full of new discoveries in this

sights in odesa

9 amazing must-see sights in Odesa, Ukraine (Gallery)

There is no other city like Odesa in Ukraine. And in the world too. This sea town is a unique crossroads of cultures, architectures and cuisines. “Saint Petersburg on the sea”, “Northern Palmira”, “Ukrainian Paris”, whatever angle you choose it will not describe the true essence of Odesa. It is just unlike any other city

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