January 2017

things to do in wroclaw
Poland Travel Guide

7 Awesome Things to Do in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is one of the most vibrant cities in Poland. The city offers a lot of tourist attractions of all tastes. It can be interesting museums, amazing zoo or history sightseeing, let me share with you the TOP 7 things to do in Wroclaw! 1. Explore underwater world in Afrykarium A unique place not only […]

northern hungary

Top 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary

Hungary is a great country for tourism. Every region has its own unique flair. Northern Hungary is not an exception. Home to the mountains, national parks, cultural and architectural heritage, this part of the country should definitely be in the itinerary of a curious traveler. So let’s explore 5 places to visit in Northern Hungary!

wroclaw market square
Poland Travel Guide

Wroclaw Market Square – TOP 5 must-see sights

Market Square or Rynek is the heart of a Polish town, historical core of urban life. Market squares define the cityscape. Wroclaw is no exception, having one of the most beautiful market squares in whole Poland. Also its second biggest (after Rynek of Krakow). So today I would like to show you 5 must-see sights that

reasons to visit eger

5 reasons to visit Eger in Northern Hungary

If you’re thinking about a great destination in Hungary – choose Eger! Located in the North of a country, this little city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Some think (including myself) that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary. Telegraph has put it in its “European cities you

theaters in kiev

TOP 5 Theaters in Kyiv, Ukraine

Today we’ll take a look at the Kyiv’s entertainment scene. More precisely to the theaters in Kyiv. And there are plenty of theaters in the Ukrainian capital, for all the tastes and preferences. One thing to keep in mind: usually the drama theater performances are in Ukrainian or Russian with no subtitles. Let’s start! 1. National

spisska nova ves

5 reasons to visit Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia

Spisska Nova Ves is not a city which instantly pops in mind of tourists when they think about Slovakia. Moreover, after many years of visiting this Central European country, I discovered Spisska Nova Ves only now. And I must say that I was positively surprised by this little Slovak town. That’s why I would like to

one day in levoca

One Day in Levoca, Slovakia

There are many beautiful places to visit in Slovakia. This Central European country offers plenty of interesting choices in terms of sights. Today I would like to take you to the city, I personally believe to be one of the underrated gems of Slovakia. Today I would like to talk about one day in Levoca in Presov

spis castle

5 reasons to visit Spis castle in Slovakia

Eastern part of Slovakia has many amazing things to offer. Beautiful old cities, splendid churches, delicious food. But one of the breathtaking highlights of this region as well as Slovakia as a whole is impressive Spis castle. Here are the 5 reasons to put it in your must-see list: 1. Impressive look Just look at its

visit kezmarok

5 Reasons to Visit Kezmarok in Slovakia

Kezmarok may be a small city but it offers a lot in terms of sights. Having a rich history, being one of the historical free royal towns in Slovakia it is definitely a must-see of Eastern part of this Central European country. Let me share with you 5 reasons to visit Kezmarok. 1. Castle right in the

visit lublin
Poland Travel Guide

5 Reasons to Visit Lublin, Poland

I have to make a confession – Lublin is one of my favorite cities in Poland. It is a perfect destinations for exploring rich history of Poland, admire the old town and be amazed by splendid architecture of many churches. That’s why I would like to share 5 reasons to visit Lublin! 1. Majestic Lublin castle

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